Bits and bobs

Selection of smaller interdisciplinary projects I am fond of going back more than ten years.

Brand design

Over the years, I created several brand identities for early-stage startups. I enjoy the challenge of creating a brand when you are still determining what the product is. Moreover, finding the true value proposition is instrumental both to the brand and the product itself.

Book design, illustration & lettering

I enjoy all forms of graphic design and am always curious to expand my toolset and understanding. I’m particularly interested in typography and type. For example, I’ve designed several books of poetry for a small local publisher. Currently, I’m exploring lettering and marker calligraphy.

Book design and typesetting for Perplex book publisher (collaboration with Lucia Tokárová)
Slack posters
Kayu type poster
Marker calligraphy

Garden studio


As my family grew, I needed a dedicated office outside our main house. That presented a perfect opportunity to engage in one of my long-time hobbies – architecture design. Over two years, my wife Lucia and I designed a small, self-sufficient studio to serve as my primary workspace and a guest house. We went deep into every aspect, designing exterior and interior, including built-in furniture, using sustainable and lasting materials. We used the same design process I use for my product design work, as there is a significant overlap with architecture.