— Hey There, I'm Pavel

I’m an experienced, versatile Product Designer based in Czech Republic. I love to design & build products that solve tough problems and are delightful to use




Voice, video, and screen-sharing for Slack across desktop, web, iOS, and Android



Freehand — whiteboarding for early design ideation

Rosetta Type


Strategy to share Rosetta’s vast knowledge in multi-lingual type and increasing their brand reach

Bits and bobs

Selection of smaller projects I am fond of from the last decade


I’m perpetually curious, and I care a lot. About the people I work with, the problems I’m trying to solve, and the people I’m trying to solve the problems for.

I graduated with a master’s degree in Computer Science, studied Human-Computer Interaction in Sweden, and became a generalist product designer over the last fifteen years.

I worked for several years in San Francisco and now live with my family in the countryside of Czech Republic. I keep finding new hobbies, and I am currently consumed by architecture.

You can find my full education and work history on LinkedIn.